15 December 2009


Lets talk about being real, honest, upfront. I happen to be nine beers in, bourbon stout a seven percent delicious goodness that I consumed like water. What better time to write openly, then when without inhibition. When it comes to fitness and training to reach an objective level a certain amount of dedication is required. That level pertains to your willingness to sacrifice comfort in order to progress. It is this willingness, or a.k.a. will power that is imperative to understand. Without will power or the choice to push past discomfort and adversity we will not grow.

I want to grow, in fact I want to be the best in everything I can! Okay, how am I going achieve that? Discipline. Done. Simple, right? Not so much, discipline is a skill that takes time and sacrifice to develop. Discipline stems from self sacrifice with an objective in mind.

Day 1: I awoke at 6:30 a.m. (not as early as most, so insignificant) I then after getting ready hopped on my bicycle and peddled through six inches of compressed snow to work. I know other people who do this; I do, and they inspire me. However, how many of you waking up for work on an 18 degree day with snow blowing in your face, each stroke of your peddle turning in vain while threatening to dump you on your face, would decide willingly to sacrifice a warm ride in a car? Good if you said yes, that's dedication, that's promise.

Take from today: That out there, somewhere, there is someone pushing, driving, drilling, striving for a result - giving, sacrificing everything they have to make the best of themselves. I want you to be that person, I want you to excel beyond expectations, to push beyond measure, to strive to be something more than you thought you could become.

Our work in physical measure begins tomorrow. Test yourself, push your limits... I will be completing this training:

5x1 Overhead Squats
5x3 Front Squats
5x5 Back Squats


  1. Results from today's training:

    OHS 135,155,165,165,175
    FS 155,175,185,205,225
    BS 185,205,225,245,265

    Finished with a core circuit:
    3 Rounds:
    5x V-ups w/60# kettlebell
    10x Slasher-to-halo w/60# kettlebell
    15x Back extension
    10x Around-the-world toes-to-bar

  2. Today's results:

    OHS 115/145/155/165/180
    FS 135/165/195/205/210
    BS. 165/200/230/250/260

    Final set of BS was murder pretty sure I short stroked the last two reps.

    I'm starting at your first work out here and gonna progress through. Is that good or do you have a recommendation to start at for a program moving forward? Thanks for posting these brother!