20 December 2009


The majority of people in this world at some point in time will overcome some kind of difficult challenge. They will push past physical discomfort, mental adversity, fatigue, negative external and internal stressors; whether by choice or through coercion they will fight their way through. How many of those same people day in and day out have it in them to get up again and again and again and then once more no matter how many times they get knocked down? It's hard to say. The training we are getting into goes beyond conditioning physical capacity. There will be times when you will have to decide, to make an individual choice to either quit and walk away - failing to complete the objective - or to press on, suffering physically so you can grow stronger mentally.

Not everyone was cut out for this type of training. Not everyone makes that individual choice of self sacrifice to grow. Not everyone is willing to run into a burning building to save a stranger's life, or throw themselves into the line of fire for the freedom of people they may never see again. Why even bother, sweating, crying, bleeding - are these efforts in vain? Why should I squat or do pull-ups, who needs to carry a sand bag around, I don't feel like running in the cold.

"We'll be there in just two more hours Josh," they had been driving since six a.m. and Lisa was excited to get off the road. Her five yr. old son Josh was getting to visit the house she had grown up in for Christmas at Grandpa's in the Colorado Rockies. "Oh shit!" she cried out, trying to control the wheel. The suburban swung left, then flailed right, fish tailing on black ice. "Mom, MOM!!!" Something warm and wet was in her eyes, she was lying on her side. "Mom, I'm stuck!" She moved, glass shards fell from their perch on her shoulder. "Josh, stay still sweetie, mommy is gonna get us out of here." There was snow in the car, it had rolled. She wiped her eyes to clear the blood that had begun to crust over. She felt nauseous, things were in and out of focus. "Ok Josh hold on." Pulling herself up she could make out her surroundings, the car must have gone over the edge, and had suspended itself trapped between a lodge pine and the side of the drop. Eight feet of fresh colorado air stood between them and the ground before falling off to a hundred foot drop just past the base of the pine. Above, the road was a steep and snow covered few yards away. With Josh tightly grasping around her neck his legs wrapped around her hips the two of them barely squeezed though the driver's side window as she pulled them out into the biting air. On all fours Lisa clawed her way up the powdery embankment. Josh in mind and still clinging to her back she began the two mile hike back up the hill to the gas station they had passed minutes earlier.

Tomorrow's workout:
10x pull-ups
10x kettle bell swings 60/35 lbs.
10x clapping push-ups
20x jumping lunges
8 Rounds no rest!

Body weight only workout:
6 Rounds
15x air squats
15x dive bomber push-ups
10x jump squats
10x grasshoppers
5x tuck jumps
5x clapping push-ups
Rest 1 min.

If you are unfamiliar with an exercise youtube.com has almost every variation of movement! As always this workout is interchangeable with exercises that will work for you, and can and should be scaled to meet your fitness level.

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