16 December 2009

It's a means not an end...

Often enough, and more so then not in a typical gym, there is the mentality that training or "the workout" is the end goal.
This is a misconception that can lead to burning out, injury, and even lack of interest. People want to "appear fit" or look the part, often without the work or ethics necessary to properly do so. Physical aesthetic is merely a side effect of hard and intense training, and should never be the objective or goal in mind.

On my way home from Thanksgiving vacation with my family I was boarding a Northwest flight out of Boston. As I stepped inside the stewardess out rightly without a hello or anything asked me how much I benched. Oddly enough this is a common misconception as well, that your bench press relates to your physical aptitude in general. How can lying on your back while pushing a load away from your body be the measuring factor of an individuals overall fitness level? Well it can't be and it isn't. I was actually caught off guard and did not know how to respond to her simply because I rarely train the bench press.

Our fitness level is a tool that we apply to everyday life, whether it be in work as soldiers, firefighters, construction workers, or for pleasure enjoying sports and outdoor recreation - the greater the level of fitness the more opportunity we are afforded.

Tomorrow's training segment will be centered around active recovery. I look at active recovery as a day of rest from the demands of training and an opportunity to enjoy a physical activity or sport. For me personally that involves Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and swimming. Try to find time for yourself to partake in whatever physical activity you enjoy!

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