14 December 2009

Learning to walk...

I am starting this blog as an organic experiment. People will get mad and disagree, it's gonna be about fitness and its gonna suck - at least for me and you'll see why as it unwinds. It stems in response to my dissatisfaction with the current approach, that I view, our society's efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle has undergone. What follows are to be the thoughts of a man sharing his experienced-based knowledge of hard hits and busted limbs to a lifestyle of general physical preparedness.

Consider: The efforts of man are in vain without purpose.

It's hard not to be judgemental, unbiased, to hold no prejudice. Each individual is entitled to their own, so I challenge you to take yours and let go. I want to focus on the achievement of an elite level of what we deem as fitness, which I view as one of the pillar stones to success in a well rounded and long life. How amongst the titans of mass, the generation of athletic mannequins that shaped our fitness realm can one break free? Understanding! Understanding should be simple and sound. Long drawn out hypothesis's can be confusing and misleading. Here is simplicity. Fitness = your body's ability to control movement. Done. It's true, think about it.

I'll probably hate myself later while I'm putting in the work, you want in? You want to be a guinea pig like me? We start tomorrow!

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