18 December 2009

Limited resources...

Ok so your limited on time, you do not have a gym at your disposal, home equipment is scarce - can you still increase and enhance your fitness level? Without a doubt! Body weight exercises are a phenomenal training tool. Not to mention now a days there is a tremendous variety of movements that can be utilized and when combined into an intense circuit will leave you with nothing, but success. To emphasize this perspective visualize the gymnast. Probably pound for pound some of the strongest athletes in the world. Gymnastics stemmed from Greek training where fitness was paramount; it was in their gymnasium that the Greeks could be found running, jumping, wrestling and boxing.

Some of the basic gymnast conditioning exercises that we can implement consist of these following thirty:

1. All varieties of push-ups
2. All varieties of pull-ups
3. Dips
4. Rope climbs
5. Sit-ups
6. Leg lifts
7. V-ups
8. Knees to elbows
9. L-sits
10. Hollow rocks
11. Mountain climbers
12. Stair running
13. Box jumps
14. Depth jumps
15. Broad jumps
16. Tuck jumps
17. Squat jumps
18. Wall sits
19. Lunges
20. Jump lunges
21. Sprints
24. Burpees
25. Burpee pull-ups
26. Jack knives
27. Jumping jacks
28. Grasshoppers
29. Up downs
30. Handstand walks

To further emphasize the ability of an individual to train at an elite level with limited resources I will begin including a body weight only exercise program along with my regularly posted sessions. There are no scheduled workouts this weekend. Get outside do something fun for yourself, play a sport, or try a new hobby. Use your fitness! Without purpose all things waste away.

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