27 December 2009

Making due...

I'm changing the body weight only sessions to minimalist equipment training sessions. Why? Well because despite the fact that you can maintain a high level of fitness training with these methods, they're kind of repetitive and therefore can lead to boredom or stale training. So you will now see a regular training session as well as the minimalist training session.

Today, I want to introduce sandbag training - a versatile and effective strength and conditioning tool. Training with a sandbag is unlike the majority of other tools you are used to, because of its organic movement. This movement forces your body to constantly adapt and respond to a continuously shifting weight. In turn, this causes your body to use more muscles and expend greater energy as it is harder to get into a consistent groove. Additionally, grip strength is significantly enhanced and specifically targeted as there is no convenient place to grab a sandbag. Whether you grab a handful and crush it into your palm or try and pinch your way through you will develop immense contact strength. Finally, the core strength forged from training with a sandbag could very well be unrivaled as your trunk is constantly engaged trying stabilize and balance itself under the shifting load.

To make your own sandbag, visit your local Army/Navy store. Purchase an old Army duffel or Navy sea bag that has a side zip. Fill the duffel with two forty pound bags of wood pellets. Zip tie the two zippers together and start training. We use wood pellets over sand, because they fill the bag better, they aren't messy and the bag lasts longer. Feel free to put it to use during tomorrow's training session.

10 Rounds
3x Power clean @ body weight
5x Bench press @ body weight

Minimalist Training Session:
Find an object that weighs 20+ pounds and while carrying it any way possible, complete 400m of walking lunges. Every time you stop to rest, perform 25x dive bomber push-ups.

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  1. Started the morning off with a 3 mile run in the blizzard. Finished all ten rounds of power cleans and bench press unbroken at 185 lbs. Courtney and I then did the lunges, she used two 15 lbs. dumbbells, I grabbed both a 60 lbs. and 40 lbs. kettelbell for mine. Rounded up to 150 lunges to finish, had to stop twice.