24 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Temptation is super easy to get caught up into during the holiday season; deserts, eggnog, extra helpings, foo foo drinks and other crap that your body doesn't need. Don't lie, we all over indulge sometimes. Keep training! Tomorrow is Christmas, take ten minutes of high intensity and slay this training session:

5 Rounds
30 sec. Burpees
30 sec. Jumping jacks
30 sec. Mountain climbers
30 sec. Jump lunges

No rest! Look for video demo's and photos coming soon!


  1. Whats a mountain climber? check out pictures of me sleeping in a tree! now thats intense

  2. A mountain climber starts in the standard push-up position, you then swiftly alternate bringing your knees up to your chest and returning them to full extension.