31 December 2009

Work Capacity

Friday's Training Session:


5 Rounds
21x Thrusters 95/65 lbs.
50 yd. Bear crawl
50 yd. Farmer carry 2x dumbbells 75 lbs.

Minimalist Training Session:

5 Rounds
Find any heavy object that you can lift overhead, hold it there and perform 21x overhead squats
Next, carry the object 25 yards out and 25 yards back as fast as possible
Then, drop the load and bear crawl 25 yards
Perform 21x clapping push-ups and then sprint the 25 yards back to the start

Happy New Year compadres! Drink some water, get out of bed, forget about last night - the random stranger you kissed - last year is in the past! Start 2010 off with a new mindset of discipline and commitment. Remember discipline is your ability to continue to make a hard choice of sacrifice. So make the choice to train hard and live healthy.

"Jerrod" is named after Jerrod Ramos a good friend of mine, who first introduced me to functional fitness type training back in 2006. Day after day training in a YMCA pool, with him pushing me past my limits made me the swimmer I am today. Thanks Jerrod!

Notes: A thruster is a Crossfit exercise that incorporates two movements combined. Start by doing a front squat and at the top continue into a push press, this is one repetition. As the bar is lowered from the overhead position, immediately drop down into the next squat. A bear crawl is performed by walking on all fours as fast as possible. For the minimalist workout carry the load any way possible for the the fifty yards.


  1. Great work out!! Did it all out in the snow because the work out room did not have tall enough ceilings. Subbed two 60 lbs weights instead of 75s because we did not have 75 lbs weights, so I went a little farther then 50 yards. Did not know if we were supposed to time it but it took me 22 min 49 sec.


  2. 2K climb on my SS with a cat 2/3 rider killed my legs Again... I have about 9 hrs on the bike so far this week, so I'm just doing the push-ups (5x21). Stretching sounds good right about now...