06 January 2010

Active Recovery

Stretch, hydrate, run, swim, bike, climb a tree! Do some physical activity that you enjoy. Keep the blood flowing, but relax Friday should work you over. Take a rest day if needed.

This physical training we are conducting is paramount to our health and well-being. Becoming stronger, enduring longer, pushing harder, all-in-all increasing our basic body kinetic functions is our goal. However, we cannot stop here, limiting ourselves to one dimension. A well-rounded individual is not only physically fit, but mentally apt, emotionally mature, and spiritually and morally sound. Next week I will begin to include articles, videos, and challenges to encourage and stimulate the honed character and mindset of the disciplined. We should all strive to improve ourselves continuously in all areas of life. It is in times of suffering and hardship that we are forced to grow and mature. Think about it: What change stems from contentment and satisfaction?

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