04 January 2010

Contact Strength

Tuesday's Training Session:


300 Step farmer carry with 2x 100/60 lbs. dumbbells.
Every time you put the load down complete:
1 min. left side bridge
10x clapping push-ups
1 min. right side bridge
Immediately begin the carry again.

Minimalist Training Session:

6 Rounds AFAP
25 yd. sprint out 25 yd. sprint back
Static hold with arms extended out to
side holding 2x 15/7 lbs. dumbbells
for 30 secs.
25 yd. sprint out 25 yd. sprint back
Dead hang/L-sit from pull-up bar for 30 secs.

"Velcro" was designed with one of my best friends in mind, John Valcore. Truly, a beast when it comes to mental discipline
and leaving it all on the line, John once hacked his hair off with a Swiss-army knife in the middle of the woods, because it was inhibiting him from riding hard on a single-speed downhill session.

These sessions may seem difficult at first if you are new to this type of training. The key is consistency as well as your development of the mental discipline necessary to push your body as hard as possible through each session. Don't worry about your weight, don't dwell on how your body appears! We are training movements key to survival and daily adaptation. The side effects of you letting go and giving it your all will be very noticeable in about a few weeks. A favorite book of mine that emulates a society of mental discipline is "Gates of Fire" by Steven Pressfield; pick it up if your looking for some inspiration.


  1. Not good on the torn hands, but I feel good! Finished the farmer carry in 14:32, not as good as I wanted but my grip was giving out and four rounds of the side bridges adds up.

  2. 75 minute ride as a warm-up with a moderate hill climb caused me to hit max heart rate by round 3...and good news is that I found an easy place to do dead hangs/pull-ups.

  3. only had 60 pond db so I did 500 steps. Had to drop them 4 times. Did it in 16:23. It was funny thought, i was in the little tiny work out room again so i walked in circles and back and forth trying not to hit everything.

  4. Did a one mile warm-up then did the minimalist work out in a little less than 15 minutes. I only had 5 lb dumbbells instead of 7 lb though. The dead hangs were a lot harder than I thought they would be! But all-in-all I really liked it!

  5. Minimalist Training Session-10:52