08 January 2010

Rest Day

Take the weekend to rest, recover, and let the body rebuild. Drink plenty of water and stretch out. Here are some words to ponder and think about over the next couple of days, post comments on your thoughts:

We don’t really ever own anything. We have things in our possession, but those things are just left in our care for us to make use of wisely and profitably. Everything we have can be taken away from us in the blink of an eye - be it materialistic objects like: money, cars, a home, tools, equipment, any sort of luxuries, to precious things like our very health and life.

The only things we own are our choices. Character – what we are made up of – is also our own, but only because it is the culmination and definition of our choices and is also created out of our choices. “They can take our lives, but they cannot take our freedom,” is an expression of choice. They can’t take our freedom because we have the choice - which is a freedom - to die rather than live under tyranny.

In understanding this the reality that possession is a trust and one not to be taken lightly is revealed. Blessings like free time and a savings account as well as other commodities and amenities that are not essential to our survival should be appreciated and used wisely to avoid their loss or unfruitful waste. Everything in our possession now, is a blessing given to us by God. If we are abusing these blessings and wasting them, he will take them away and give them to someone else whose choices are revolved around much wiser decision-making.

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