10 January 2010


Monday's Training Session:

Option "A"
Find a hill long or short, with a fairly steep incline and run up it as hard as you can, then jog to the bottom. Repeat as many times as possible in 30 minutes.

Option "B"
Locate a set of stairs or a stadium where you can safely sprint up and down with at least twenty stairs in a row. Run 5x sets of up/down stair sprints, do 25x push-ups and repeat for 30 minutes.

Option "C"
Complete maximum rounds of 20x step-ups and 10x box jumps to a 24'' box in 30 minutes.

When people claim that there is only one solution to fitness or one training implement that works they are lying to you. Truth is that with the right understanding, attitude, and intensity the majority of fitness equipment and concepts will get you into a better physical state. We however, want the best bang for our buck. We are looking for the simplest, most efficient, time saving, best resulting avenue to train. The thing to consider though is that everyone is different and therefore different things work better for some than others. So choose your poison and go hard. Remember, somewhere someone else is doing the same training and they're giving it their all, if they can do it so can you it's just a choice.


  1. Hells yeah...I'd do option A.:)

  2. Sierra Climb...(the one you kicked my ass up when you first came out here)...I should be in shape to do that in under 30min...

  3. I did option B. 9 rounds total. Awesome work out! I was hoping for a good cardio work out :)

  4. I liked that I could do this workout right in the comfort of my own building.....I did option B, 9 rounds in all. Thanks for the workout! =)

  5. OK, I had to get started a day early on this one. I did option B. I got 12 rounds plus 4 stairs. Instead of 20 stairs, I did 3 flights which was 26 stairs. Got a total of up and down 96 stories. I love this work out.

    "Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that someone else is more important than fear" Ambrose Redmoon

  6. Bri n i went to waimea bay did hill sprints on da sand with a mix of up down, push up, flutter kicks, squats... N then went for a jog on da beach... Good times bro.. Glad to be back home..

  7. Good work guys!!! Casey glad your home with your girl in HI not jealous at all :-)

    Looks like everyone steered clear of "Option C" thats ok 4 of us did today at work:

    Ej - 22 rounds
    Matt - 23 rounds
    John - 20 rounds
    Me - 25 rounds

    Keep up the hard charging!