19 January 2010


Wednesday's Training Session:

Run for 60 mins. moderate pace.

Should not be easy, but not all out. Substitute swim, bike, or row according to your goals. Running is recommended!

Some people stand in front of the mirror and judge themselves because of their dissatisfaction in personal appearance. Sure this is a reason to make a change and increase your fitness, but with this mentality your goal is appearance based. If your goal of establishing a better fitness level is based off of a desire to "appear fit" then most likely you're willing to try fad diets, body building exercises and other superficial means of building a pseudo image of fitness. This is bullsh*t! This does not fly here! We are function oriented, we are training so that we can run, jump, climb, push, pull, twist, bend, lift, carry and throw! Training these movements under an opposable force i.e. a heavy load, cumbersome object, or vertical incline produces a fitness level far superior to any athletic mannequin you might want to self-replicate in the mirror. Train hard - results are inevitable.


  1. I swam for 60 minutes. I swam 2300 yards, I might have gotten to 2500 but I had a talkative lady sharing the lane with me, haha.

  2. ended up only doing 40 min, 5 miles.