07 January 2010


Friday's Training Session:

As fast as possible:
30x Clean and Push-press @ body weight

Minimalist Training Session:

On the minute for thirty minutes complete:
3x Pull-up
6x Clapping push-up
12x Jump squat

Today's sessions are about going the distance. Anyone can accomplish something when they are fresh and feeling good. We want to train the mind and body to continue to excel past discomfort and fatigue. These sessions start off fairly easy, but require you to continue to grind through to the finish. They are designed to develop an understanding that even small steps will take you to the end as long as you keep walking. Here is where discipline will shine and be forged!


  1. Dig the blog man...seriously would love to play CF with you:)

  2. Nice minimalist work out...I appreciate it, and I haven't even done it yet!

  3. Nice blog!
    My parents are from Michigan. Small world.

    I've been doing some kettlebell training, but definitely need to start doing something more. My boyfriend does Crossfit every day. Your workouts seem to have that same kind of feel to them.

    PS Biking to work in the snow? Yikes!

  4. Sweet. Thanks, dude. My husband is also CG. I'm pregnant so I do regular WODs--just scaled. I'll have to take a peek at what you do. :)

  5. Jess

    Kettlebells are incredible tools, one of my favorite implements to use especially the long cycle. Try these sessions out if your looking for more...

  6. Congrats on your baby! What does your husband do in the CG???