17 January 2010


Monday's Training Session:

18,15, & 12 reps AFAP
Deadlift 150% BW
Front squat BW
Left arm snatch 33% BW
Right arm snatch 33% BW

Minimalist Training Session:
18,15, & 12 reps AFAP
Sandbag clean and squat left shoulder
Sandbag clean and squat right shoulder
Sandbag lunges

Grind through which ever session you choose. Try to complete sets as quickly as possible, but maintain good form. We are training movements and if we do not train the movement correctly we are defeating the entire purpose of training. I'm not giving out prizes for the fastest time, the time element is merely a tool used for us to gauge progression. This doesn't mean slack off either, show up with intensity in mind!


  1. i still need to get a freak'n sand bag... This is gett'n ridiculous.

  2. You need the sandbag if you don't have access to a gym in order to train your explosive power under a load.

  3. GREAT work out. had to change a couple things because of the space I am working out in. My buddy Zylstra did the work out with me too.