26 January 2010


Wednesday's Training Session:

Complete 1 set of maximum reps for the following exercises:
Deadlift 135/75 lbs.
Deadlift 225/135 lbs.
Deadlift 315/185 lbs.
Front squat body weight
Bench press body weight

Notes: Rest as needed between lifts. If a load is too heavy record as 0 reps and skip it. Warm-up sets are recommended. Post loads and successful reps completed to comments.

The purpose of today's training is to test your overall strength endurance. I want to see how much work you can do in a single set under a predetermined load. Watch your form and stop as soon as it starts to degrade. There is no rest during the set for the deadlifts; however, as long as you are supporting the load for the front squat and bench press you may pause in between reps.

1 comment:

  1. ended up running a 5K then working on my dead lift form without doing to much weight. 5 sets 10 reps with 135lbs