29 January 2010

Travel Week

Take the weekend to rest up and recover. I will be traveling all next week, so below you will find the complete training schedule for next week. Do not jump around, complete sequentially as prescribed. Enjoy!

Monday's Training Session:

With a continuously running clock, do 2x burpees the first min, 4x the second min, 6x the third min, 8x burpees the fourth min, etc. until you cannot complete the RX'ed number for that minute. When you can no longer meet the RX'ed number start over at 2x burpees. Continue cycle for 60 minutes.

Tuesday's Training Session:

5 Rounds
Find a heavy object (stone, weight, sandbag, child, etc) and overhead lunge 50 yards
Then bear crawl 50 yards
Then sprint back to your object

General Physical Preparedness
Wednesday's Training Session:

5 Rounds
10x Clapping push-ups
20x Grasshoppers
30x Box jumps
40x Mountain climbers
50x Jumping jacks



Friday's Training Session:

21-15-9 reps of
L-sit pull-ups

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