03 January 2010

Work Capacity

Monday's Training Session:

"The Twins"

As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) in 12 mins.
10x K. B. Swings 55/35 lbs.
5x Up-downs
5x SDHP 75/55 lbs.

Rest 5 mins.

AMRAP in 12 mins.
5x Pull-up
7x KTE

Minimalist Training Session:

AMRAP in 20 mins.
5x Pull-up
7x KTE
9x Dips

Work capacity tomorrow, limit rest as much as possible. You should be moving through these circuits continuously until the clock stops. Post rounds completed to comments. Also for those of you following the minimalist training sessions check out this site: DIY - Home-made Gym Equipment

"The Twins" is dedicated to Destan and Caden, sons of Jon and Beth Ardan, who collectively recently learned how to climb stairs continuing on in the explorer spirit!

Notes: Substitute a dumbbell for the kettle bell swings if needed. An up-down is a sprawl immediately followed by springing back to your feet for one repetition.


  1. What would be your prescribed KB weight for women? 16Kg? That's what I use in my CrossFit workouts. I like your training style!

  2. Women's KB weight for swings is 16kg, and 24kg for SDHP for this workout. I will start adding in a women's recommended weight after the men's. It will appear as 55/35 lbs. with men's first/women's second.

  3. M/26/177

    Finished this workout this afternoon tearing the rest of my callusses off on the second circuit.
    Circuit 1 - 12 rounds and 4 up-downs
    Circuit 2 - 13 rounds

  4. M/23/165

    circuit 1- 8 rounds

    circuit 2- 10 rounds

  5. Damn...the poor minimalist only did 7 rounds* and 1hr spin @ 75%. Tomorrow will where its at...

    [*round: 5x HSP, 10x dips = narrow grip push-ups, 20 sit-ups, KTE: 30sec leg suspension ~3", pull-ups omitted for fear of breaking my door]

  6. 10 for the first round
    12 for the second

    great work out. I had to run up and down stairs to get to the stations but it was all good.

  7. I did the minimalist work out... 19 rounds. Substituted incline push-ups for the HSPU and used a chair for support for most of the pull-ups. Still a great work out!

  8. Circuit 1 - 11 rounds
    Subbed 40 lbs swings and 60 lbs. SDHP
    Did burpees instead of up downs, good workout!

  9. Minimalist Workout- Scaled 1x HSPU, 3x Pull Ups, 7x KTE, 12x chair dips. 5 rounds in 13:40. Quit early to hang with Miles. Poor effort and i didn't like this workout.