11 January 2010

Work Capacity

Tuesday's Training Session:

Option "A"
100x Sandbag get-ups 80-100/60 lbs. AFAP

Option "B"
Race to complete 50x burpees record time! Repeat twice for a total of three rounds. For every second slower that you were in the second and third round complete that many pull-ups. Limit rest between rounds to two minutes.

What is the end goal? What are we all trying to accomplish with our lives? We go to work. We establish friendships. We, try to be good people. We start families. We all just want to be happy - right? Have you ever wanted something so bad, you just had to have it; and then if you did get it, it wasn't as cool or fun or all that special as you had initially thought. That's because it is what it is, not anything more. We are training without an end goal, but rather a continuous goal that is to be as physically and mentally prepared as possible to adapt to, to overcome, or to defeat whatever challenge, obstacle, task, or situation is placed in our paths. In order to accomplish this we must be constantly aware and vigilant of our surroundings, our relationships, our own intentions, and most importantly the reasons behind things. Always remember as stated in the beginning of this blog : "The efforts of man are in vain without purpose." If we know our purpose, we can fulfill our purpose. Have you ever asked yourself what's my purpose?


  1. I did Option B. good work out. Should have pushed myself more the first found. 10 pull-ups the second set and 25 the last set.

    a friend did it with me and he did 35 burpees each round.

  2. Well Tom, Ej and I did Option "B" as well so you didn't have to suffer alone. I finished my sets in:

    1st round - 2:11
    2nd round - 2:11
    3rd round - 2:12
    1 pull-up total


    1st round - 3:57
    2nd round - 3:59
    3rd round - 3:42
    2 pull-ups total

  3. Okay I must say I LOVE the photo of you doing a hand stand! I know you dig photography and I have always thought you were great at it! Nice blog also, very interesting idea and I'm digging it!

  4. I did option B but I only did 30 burpees each time. My times were: 2:15, 2:15, and 2:05 so no pull-ups for me! I think I will try 35 burpees each time next time I do this.

  5. Good work jayme way to suck it up and not slack off at the end like tom :-)