12 January 2010

Work Capacity

Wednesday's Training Session:

3 Rounds
Perform each exercise in order for a 1 min. duration, immediately move on to next exercise. Rest 1 min. at end of circuit and hit it again!
Ball slam
Push-press 75/45 lbs.
Air squat
Sumo deadlift high-pull (SDHP) 75/45 lbs.
Row for calories
K.B. swing 50/35 lbs.
Box jump 24 in. box
Deadlift 135/75 lbs.

Minimalist Training Session:

50/30 Reps of:

Air squat
Box jump
Walking lunge
Perform fifty repetitions of each exercise in order then repeat at thirty repetitions.

Focus points to key in on and remember:
1. Form follows function! Put in the time doing athletic movements, it's only natural to begin to look like an athlete.
2. You're only as strong as the effort you put in! Performance will not improve unless you put forth the intensity to bring about change.
3. We only get stronger when we rest! Rest periods are the body's rebuilding periods, abuse these and your body will burn out.
4. Stay hydrated! Water is paramount to good health.
5. Quick fixes and fast results are for idiots. Yes, I said it, it's true. Nothing is gained or learned in immediate gratification, work hard be hard.

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  1. Just did the minimalist training because of the lack of equipment. kinda wish I had done a last 15 rep set but still liked it