21 January 2010

Work Capacity

Friday's Training Session:

"Tabata Warrior"

Complete 48 intervals of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. The first 8 intervals are L-sit holds on dip bars, the second 8 are 50/35 lbs. kettle bell swings, the third 8 intervals are double 50/25 lbs. kettle bell clean and jerks, the fourth 8 are push-ups, followed by 8 intervals of horizontal pull-ups and finally, the last 8 intervals are hill sprints. There is no rest between exercises.

Notes: Substitute dumbbells for kettle bells if needed, knees to elbows can be used to replace L-sits. Use a treadmill set at an elevation of 15 and speed of 10 for the hills sprints if needed. Horizontal pull-ups are performed while lying supine underneath a supported bar - pull your chest up to touch the bar maintaining a rigid and straight body then repeat. If you do not have access to weights perform the prescribed intervals using tuck jumps to replace the swings and HSPU's to replace the clean and jerks.

I'm not a huge component in advising any sort of nutritional game plan. In my experience moderation in everything is tantamount to successful eating habits. Sure you should avoid processed sugars, simple carbohydrates and trans-fatty acids - but eliminating grains and dairy from your diet I don't know about. Here are some conflicting views on milk and dairy friend or foe, you decide what you put in your body - not me.


  1. This is one of my favorite sessions, the L-sits really start to suck half way through, and the push-ups are always brutal. Have fun with the sprints at the end, I def did.

  2. runs at the end were pretty tuff, but good work out.