25 January 2010


Tuesday's Training Session:

3 Rounds
15x Clean and Jerk 2x 50/30lbs. kettle bells or dumbbells
30 yards walking on hands
20x Sledge hammer hits left side
20x Sledge hammer hits right side
100x Air squats

Minimalist Training Session:

3 Rounds
15x Burpees
50 yards walking on hands
15x HSPU
50 yard broad jump
75x Air squats

Why are we training to walk on our hands? How is this functional and applicable to daily life? Well developing this ability, to walk on your hands under control, is essentially a fun and highly effective way of building tremendous core strength, shoulder strength and stability, balance and coordination, and spatial awareness. We are trying to keep things constantly varied, which in turn keeps our bodies guessing. Handstand walking allows us another method of strengthening the upper body without anything other than our body weight. If you cannot currently walk on your hands, perform handstand push-ups instead. If you're not there yet, hold a handstand against a wall for time.


  1. great work out really liked the sledge hammer

  2. Went well until I fell on the last set of handstand walks :-)