28 January 2010

Work Capacity

Friday's Training Session:

Utilizing a standard deck of 52 playing cards complete the following:
Diamonds = Burpees
Hearts = Pistols
Clubs = Horizontal pull-ups
Spades = 1 min. plank

Notes: Cards are face value, all face cards are ten, aces are high! All spades are 1 min. plank no matter what number is turned over. Complete entire deck without rest. A pistol is a single-leg squat.

I am a firm believer that swimming is a life skill. Not only can knowing how to swim save your life, but you may need to save someone else's life at some point - be it your son or daughter, a friend, or a complete stranger. Considering this, swimming sessions will begin to be incorporated into our weekly training. Our aim is to develop and maintain a level of comfortability in the water environment whether submerged or swimming on the surface. Utilize the ocean, a lake, river, or local pool to accomplish the training. Get wet, adapt!


  1. Wow...thats a tough workout but perfect for traveling.

  2. Did 100 muscle-ups for time today... completed in 31:27 with two tore up wrists. Super fun though!

  3. lol not at all just stating :-)