18 January 2010

Work Capacity/Contact Strength

Tuesday's Training Session:

10 Rounds
30 secs. jingle jangles
30 secs. rest

10 Rounds
10x strict pull-ups
45 secs. farmer carry 60/30 lbs. dumbbells

Notes: A jingle jangle is performed by sprinting back and forth between a distance of 5-7 yards, touch ground at each side. As soon as you finish the forty-five second farmer carry jump back on the bar and begin your next set of pull-ups. If you don't have dumbbells grab something heavy in each hand that taxes your grip.


  1. Yes today's session sucked on the grip!

  2. yea it did. did 30 sec sprints instead of jingle jangles. Arms were dead after the second set. great work out though. right when I finished the work out my senior chief asked if I was done and I said yes. Then he asked if I wanted to work out again. I did not know what he was talking about so i just said hell yea. He said ok do your PT test. got the mile and a half in 8:55 haha that is my PR. I think the sped on the treadmill might be wrong though, but i hope not. haha