25 February 2010

Strength Endurance

Friday's Training Session:

3 Rounds for max reps of:
1 min. Deadlift 225/105 lbs.
1 min. Front squat 155/75 lbs.
1 min. Burpee box jump 24'' box
1 min. Grasshoppers
1 min. Rest

Strength is king! Through out my training evolution I have reaffirmed the importance of strength and come 360 degrees in understanding that an individual who is well developed in relative strength (strength based on maximum force production in relation to body weight proportion) will the majority of the time demolish someone whose energy was focused else where. It is important to understand that I am not referring to maximal strength (maximum force production by itself) where in specifically focusing on this can lead to unwanted and excessive mass that impedes other fitness capabilities like speed, power, endurance and flexibility. Relative strength should be the foundation of your training goals, unto which you then step off chasing power, speed, endurance, agility, flexibility and balance.

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