09 February 2010


Wednesday's Training Session:

5 Rounds
Max reps of body weight bench press
Row 500m or run 400m

I recently read on a friend's blog an excerpt on core values. Essentially, a set of ideals that we as individuals should strive to achieve and live up to. As a member of the U.S. Coast Guard I am held to a standard that emphasizes Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty as it's core values. I however, live by my own additional and personal creed. It is paramount to one's personal growth to establish a foundation of morals, truths, ideals, and standards to live by in our daily lives. These standards serve to guide us in our choices, decisions and actions, as well as provide motivation, hope, and direction. What I have found to be most helpful and beneficial for myself is the following manifesto:

1. Pray first...
2. Stay FAITHFUL - to God, to your significant other, to your family.
3. Be Strong in everything you do!
4. Help those in need...
5. Fight the good fight, finish the course, NEVER QUIT, endure always!
6. "Either you do or you don't!" So do it anyway.
7. Remember to be humble, thankful and patient.


  1. Totally sucked doing the rowing. Got a lot more reps on the bench then I thought though!

  2. Did the run and wow i SUCK at benching

  3. Attack your weakness Tom! Start cranking out the clap push-ups, renegade row push-ups, HSPU, push press, and weighted pull-ups.