21 February 2010

Strength/Work Capacity

Monday's Training Session:

Work up to 1 RM Snatch

AMRAP in 20 minutes of:
15x O.H. Squats 115/65 lbs.
10x KTE's
5x HSPU's

150x K.B. Swings 70/35 lbs.


  1. Really did not enjoy the workout today, completed 7 full rounds in the 20 mins. but it was miserable.

  2. great work out. was really hard!!!! I did not do to many 1 RM Snatches. I also completed 7 rounds. I only did 50 KB swings at 60 lbs. . . Thanks again for the great work outs Gonzo!!!

  3. Nice dude! Couldn't squeeze in the extra round to beat me eh?

  4. hahaha I wanted to. I will beat you one day, you just might have to be sick but thats cool with me. haha