28 February 2010


Monday's Training Session:


Max consecutive repetitions for each of the following:
Deadlift 135/75 lbs.
Kettlebell swings 50/35 lbs.
L-sit pull-ups

Notes: Complete one set of each exercise going to failure, rest between exercise 1-2 minutes. Total number of repetitions for all exercises is your score. Swings are all the way overhead, if you stop moving on the deadlift you're done - no resting at top or bottom, head must touch ground on every rep for HSPU's and knees must touch elbows every rep for KTE's. The minimum passing score for this test is a total of 150 points.

So the first caveat to the "Paleo Diet" is that it's exceptionally expensive to purchasing all these fruits and vegetables and meat. Because grains like pasta, rice, breads, and the like are good fillers in your diet, when you remove them everything else needs to increase. And unfortunately the items that need to increase are the pricier of the lot.


  1. total score of 156. good work out!!!

  2. total score of 156. great work out!!!

  3. Did this a little over a year ago and scored a 185, today I got a 230.
    Broken down as:
    KTE = 50
    D.L. = 70
    Swings = 70
    HSPU = 20
    L-sit pull-ups = 20