16 February 2010

Water Confidence

Tuesday's training Session:

Fin swim 500m

4x 25m underwater
1 min. rest between laps

Hypoxic laps
6 breaths
5 breaths
4 breaths
3 breaths
2 breaths
1 breath

4x 25m underwater
25m freestyle sprint
1 min. rest between laps

Fin swim 500m w/ 10 lbs. pool brick, keep brick out of water the whole time

100x Flutter kicks

Notes: Hypoxic laps consist of swimming six lengths of the pool in succession starting the first length with only six breaths and deducting one breath each length after. When keeping the pool brick out of the water its best to side stroke and use one hand to hold the brick suspended out, or swim on your back and use both hands to keep the brick out of the water.

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