11 February 2010

Work Capacity

Friday's Training Session:

60, 50, 40, 30, 20, and 10 seconds of:
Jingle jangles
Dead hang from pull-up bar

Notes: Looks like 60 secs. of jingle jangles immediately followed by 60 secs. dead hang, then 50 secs. of each then 40 secs. of each etc. A jingle jangle is a sprint back and forth between a 5-7 yard distance touching the ground at each side.

I just want to throw something out there - when you invest consistent hard work into this type of training YOU WILL become stronger, YOU WILL become faster, YOU WILL last longer, and YOU WILL develop mental strength and confidence to conquer obstacles, challenges, and adversaries placed in front of you. Its science! Go with it.

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