18 February 2010

Work Capacity

Friday's Training Session:

As many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 20 minutes of:
3x Deadlift 275/135 lbs.
4x Pull-ups
20x Sledgehammer hits

So I basically, started following the "Paleo diet" which consists of a primary food intake of fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, and nuts and seeds. Grains - rice, pasta, cereals, breads, etc. and dairy are supposed to be eliminated from your eating habits. This is not a "diet" in the sense of trying to lose weight or anything ignorant like that, but a new lifestyle of eating practices like being a vegetarian. I wouldn't share anything with you if I hadn't tried it out first and found it to be beneficial. So results so far after about three weeks are as follows:

1. Same energy levels as before, but I never feel heavy, slow, tired, or overly full
2. After a week of eating this way you immediately begin to lean out
3. I never am hungry an hour later, like used to be
4. I feel good

I will continue to keep you posted on the results whether positive or negative. More research here.


  1. I love the sledgehammer swings!!! I did 205lbs DL's. OK, i started up stairs doing the DL then ran down 2 flights to do pull ups, then in another room for HSPU. then ran down 2 more flights and to the backyard to do the sledgehammer swings. Then ran back up stairs to get back to the DL's. Lots of moving around :)