31 March 2010


Thursday's Training Session:

For time complete:
40x Front squats at BW
40x HSPU's

Notes: Step on the scale and load up the bar; depending on your front squatting ability heir either on the lighter or heavier side. Do not move onto the handstand push-ups until all front squats are completed.

I have finally returned from temporarily being deployed and will be beginning our transition to outside training sessions next week. Be prepared to become really strong at climbing ropes, flipping and carrying tires, running with sandbags, and pulling and dragging heavy loads. We will also be doing a lot of conditioning in the form of hill sprints, jingle jangles, and loaded wind sprints.

1 comment:

  1. Attacked this as best I could, front squats at 185 lbs. were not bad. The HSPU's on the other hand kicked my ass, finished in 12:04.