16 April 2010

Rest Day!

As the weather improves take your rest days outside, relax in the sun, get some fresh air. Don't forget to stretch and hydrate! Enjoy the weekend - have a beer.

Part of being constantly prepared, is having the energy and proper nutrition to back up your training. I highly condone and promote the elimination of grains from your diet. Try this recipe for a great tasting, energy-packed punch, to get you ready for next week.


1x can organic chicken broth
3x cans northern white beans
1x container of hot salsa (I like to use Garden Fresh Gourmet Screamin Hot)
1x pound pepper jack cheese cubed
3x lamb shanks left on bone
2x broccoli crowns chopped up
2x large red bell peppers chopped up

Dump all the ingredients into a crock pot for 4-6 hours on high. Pull out lamb bones prior to serving, meat will fall off the bone. Enjoy!

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