07 April 2010


Thursday's Training Session:

Max rounds in 30 minutes:
Run 100m
Bear crawl 100m back

Get after it today utilizing your maximum threshold (most intense amount of sustainable effort). I am still trying to find a balance between strength and work capacity - the two most important physical abilities necessary to maintain a constant state of functional readiness. In rescue and military oriented professions especially we can see the necessity in the balanced equality of these two fitness arenas. It doesn't matter how fast you can make it to the rescue or fight, if you do not have the strength to complete the mission or case. In the same fashion it doesn't matter how strong you are if you are spent by the time your strength is needed and cannot perform.

Here are some of the objectives that the training sessions will be based upon:
1. Is the session utilizing functional movements that facilitate daily life encounters? If not the movements will be discarded.
2. Does the session train the individual to become relatively stronger or increase work capacity?
3. How practical are the prescribed movements?

We want to be strong, we want to be fast and we want to last!

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