04 April 2010

Strength Endurance

Monday's Training Session:

5 Rounds (Not for time)
10x Burpees
Downhill run
Sandbag climb
5x HSPU's
Sandbag descend
Bear climb ascend

Notes: Use a 100/60 lbs. sandbag for this evolution. Find a set of 50-100 stairs, stadium or steep hill, set the sandbag at the bottom and start at the top. From the top you will do the burpees, run down the stairs or hill, clean the sandbag to your shoulder and run back to the top. At the top drop the sandbag and perform the handstand push-ups, then pick up the sandbag and run back down. At the bottom drop the sandbag, turn around and bear climb back to the top to finish one round. Alternate with a partner or if solo rest 2-3 minutes between rounds.


  1. Courtney, Chris, Stacy and I did this as guys vs. girls. Utilizing a set of 76 steps my legs were screaming on the sandbag climbs. Both girls did really well with the 60 pound bag and were very impressive. Have fun!

  2. Super good workout, purely mental to push through to the end. Calves have been sore for days!