13 April 2010


Wednesday's Training Session:


For time:
59x Wallballs
3 Rounds:
12x Squat cleans 135/75 lbs.
18x Pull-ups
23x Box jumps 36 in. box
Clean 165/95 lbs
100m Buddy carry

Notes: This workout was designed in remembrance of the Battle of An Nasiriyah, Iraq. 18 Marines were KIA and another 59 were wounded. An estimated 2000 enemy were eliminated. Shit went awry, communications were down Charlie Company ended up being the only company at the objective and completely surrounded. While attempting to link up with Alpha and Bravo, one track was finally rendered inoperable and 22 of them took refuge in a house inside city limits - immediately becoming MIA for the remainder of the day. Just before nightfall they were rescued.


  1. Killer session today after the cleans on Monday. I finished in 17:58, Matt finished in 23:35. Tore my hand open on the last set of pull-ups.

  2. 21:12:63. I did this one but quickly realized i needed to do some subbing.

    59x wall ball @ 20#

    3 rounds
    8x Hang Power Cleans @135#
    10x Pull-ups
    15x 36" Box Jumps

    Clean 165#
    .5 mile sprint

  3. Word good work Chris I like the half mile sprint at the end.