05 April 2010

Work Capacity

Tuesday's Training Session:

5 Rounds AFAP:
40x Double-unders
30x Box jumps 24" box
20x Kettlebell swings 60/35 lbs.


500m Swim
4x 25m Underwater swim
10x 50m Sprint every min. on the min.
4x 25m Underwater swim w/fins
500m Fin swim


  1. 19:02:78

    For the first round i started with the 40 double-unders, then quickly realized i was already in over my head. With exception to the first set of double-unders, this is how i scaled.

    80x Jump Rope
    20x 30" Box Jumps
    15x Kettlebell swings @ 53#'s

    Hardest workout i have done all year. No doubt about it. I HATE work capacity.

  2. Chris good work way to get back at it!


    Didn't have access to a box at the gym so scaled
    workout to:

    5 rounds
    40x Double Unders
    40x Kettlebell swings 50 lbs.

  3. Scaled workout so i could do it at home real quick:

    40-30-20-10 reps:
    Box jumps 24" box
    Kettlebell swings 40 lbs

    Was miserable, but felt great after the work was done :-)