11 April 2010

Work Capacity

Monday's Training Session:

Max hang-squat cleans in 10 minutes 135/65 lbs.

Tabata sledgehammer swings
Tabata burpees
Tabata sledgehammer swings

Notes: Tabata = 8x intervals of 20 secs. work 10 secs. rest. Alternate hands on the sledgehammer swings at each interval. Post hang-squat clean number to comments.


  1. 40 hang squat cleans @ 135#. My arms are still shaking!

    Steve you were wrong, Tony does not have a sledge hammer at the gym anymore.

    I am forgoing the tabata and hitting up the trail for a 4 mile run as i officially start pretraining for my 10k today.

  2. Hmmm, alright substitute kettle bell swings at 60+ pounds from now on! Swings have been noted to be just as effective at training running as running itself fyi.

  3. Word. I would rather do swings than run. My 4 mile run was cut short just a mile down the trail by a serious case of colon blow. After some serious thinking time on the toilet last night i am forgoing the running based training and just sticking with your workouts Steve.

    On a different note, today is going to be beautiful outside and i might have to hit the Frolf course up! I'm doing Tuesdays workout today.