19 April 2010

Work Capacity

Tuesday' Training Session:

Option "A"
3 Rounds for time:
600m Run
30x BW row on rings
30x Kettlebell swings 60/40 lbs.

Option "B"
Max thrusters 65 lbs., 95 lbs., 115 lbs., 135 lbs., 155 lbs., 175 lbs.
Immediately after each set perform a max set alternating between pull-ups and BW rows.
Rest as required between sets.

Option "C"
5 Rounds for time:
500m Row
Rest is in a wall sit for the same amount of time it took you to complete the row.


  1. Courtney went with option "A" and finished in 19:33! Good job.

    Tom and I did Option "B" this morning:
    Tom got 18x 65lbs. 10x 95lbs. 7x 115lbs. on the first three sets of thrusters then switched to front squats and finished with 6x 135lbs. 7x 155 lbs. 5x 175lbs.

    I completed all sets of thrusters with 40x 65lbs. 25x 95lbs. 15x 115lbs. 10x 135lbs. 5x 155lbs. 3x 175lbs.

  2. 20:39:61, Option A.

    No rings so i used a bar for the body weight rows.
    Kettlebell swings were at 1.5 pood.