24 April 2010

Work Capacity

Monday's Training Session:

Run 800m
Rest :60
Run 2x 400m
Rest :45
Run 4x 200m
Rest :30
Run 6x 100m
Rest :15

10-8-6-4-2 Reps of:
Single arm snatch 75/30 lbs. on barbell (each arm)
Rings dips x2

In the same way a fined tuned car is only half as good if you don't take care of the oil, our bodies rely not only on our training, but proper fuel and nutrition for maximum performance. So take a small step and start with the little things first. Instead of reaching for the ketchup, sour cream, dip, mayonnaise, relish, salad dressing or bbq sauce consider these alternatives to compliment your daily eats - olive oil and balsamic vinegar are great on a salad or as a marinade. Hummus and cottage cheese are both excellent fillers as snacks, in wraps, on your tacos or on a salad as well. Use olive oil and minced garlic took cook any meat for great flavor without the sodium build-up. Yogurt can be turned into a dressing or added in place of sour cream. And finally salsa, throw it in your burger meat, add it to your scrambled eggs, or just snack on it. Everything starts somewhere - why not here?


  1. Good training today, be careful to center your hand on the barbell perfectly for the snatches or the bar will come down :-)

  2. This was good, though doing the sprints on a treadmill is frustrating. Single arm snatch was done using a 60# dumbell. Dips were NOT multipled by 2 until the last 2 sets.

  3. haha yea yea Gonzo, good work out.

  4. haha yea yea Gonzo, good work out.