21 May 2010

Active Recovery

Friday's Training Session:

Run 5k

Things are quickly becoming more hectic and busier each day we near the summer months. With the weather becoming incredible outside, no one wants to be stuck in a gym sweating to death while killing themselves, when they could be out with friends enjoying life. So in order to efficiently balance our time I am eliminating a lot of exercises and programming from our training - more or less, cutting away the fat.

The whole objective of our training is to build a foundation of reliable general physical preparedness. What does this entail? For us it simply means that we are trying to strengthen and condition our physical capabilities to allow us to overcome and adapt to whatever situation, challenge or obstacle that is placed in our path.

I cannot stress enough how important strength is for us. Time and time again it is proven in real life situations - in rescues, in the heat of battle, and even in daily tasks. Strength is the foundation and cornerstone of all other fitness. Because of its great importance to us, our focus for the summer will be the development of our functional strength! The training sessions will be designed to develop our maximal potential getting us in and out quickly so as to not inhibit our time enjoying summer life.

So rest up today and this weekend, and our new programming will start Monday!


  1. You read my mind. I can't wait to just go for a run today. Also, i can't agree more with the new training starting Monday. Really looking forward to it.

  2. Did todays 5k however i have no time to post as i have apparently misplaced my watch.