31 May 2010

Metabolic Conditioning

Tuesday's Training Session:

10x 100 yd Wind sprint in the sand
30 secs. rest


4x 400m Run
2 mins. rest

Sometimes I visit one of the local gym facilities to change up the surroundings, and never fail I am astounded at the ignorance and lack of awareness when it comes to training. It is not uncommon for every bench press to be occupied by a patron - sitting there resting between sets, while the squat racks are left collecting dust. What are people seeking when day in and day out they climb on the "Cardio Machines" or rep out bicep curls and shoulder flies and never seem to change? Why would someone repeatedly waste hour upon hour of unfruitful labor? Why are people completely willing to throw money away reading about trendy fad diets and magical supplements and wonder exercises that continuously dead end.

WAKE UP FRIENDS!!! There is no supplement or substitute for HARD WORK! Period. If you start training functional movement - that is movements your body is designed for to accomplish the act of living and survival like running, jumping, climbing, pulling, pushing, carrying, throwing, squatting, and lifting - it doesn't matter if you train for 4 minutes or two hours, if you put everything you got into these movements you will get remarkable results.

Training in the gym is supposed to facilitate the conditioning and strengthening of our ability and preparedness in these movements. There is no other reason to train!


  1. Had a wellness assessment with the FD tuesday evening, and was at the station wednesday night. Finally got around to this one yesterday night. As prescribed, the sand felt awesome between my toes.

  2. How'd the wellness assessment go Chris?