01 May 2010

Rest Day!

Here it is again the sweet sweet weekend. Rest up, I know I'm a little sore from the training sessions this week. A lot of pull-ups and more to come. I want to lay out a challenge to you all for the upcoming week - for the next week do "the best way" in everything you do! It is human nature to take the path of least resistance, we basically try and do what we want in everything we do. The challenge for this week is to look outside our own desires, feelings, perceptions, wants, and needs and do things in the best possible manner. This entails immediately taking care of things that are due, no procrastination or delaying unpleasant chores or tasks. Get them done. Write, call, email, or tell the people in your life that mean something to you that, hey guess what, just that - they mean something to you. Put away the unhealthy habits for one week, no alcohol, no cheat foods, no laziness, no petty arguments. Take things in stride, for this week roll with every punch. The reason we become emotionally upset or disgruntle with things is usually because they turn out different from our expectations or what we had emotionally planned on to happen. So when things don't end up going as planned, adapt, change the expectation and move forward. Say yes to friends and family and get together - be social. Don't spend money on stuff you don't actually need. And one last final thing fix something with your own to hands! At the end of the week we'll see how bad it really wasn't...

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