22 May 2010

Rest Day!

Weekend time off. Enjoy it, stay away from the gym and over training. Stretch as always and stay hydrated.

With our new training program starting Monday, I have chosen a select amount of fully functional movements that we will be concentrating on to improve our strength and conditioning. The movements I selected are not so much complex, but yet allude us sometimes as we try to master them - basically I chose a handful of movements that defeat the average man or woman. But with appropriate programming, technical practice, a foundation of strength and some more practice we will master these movements. Look forward to conquering and becoming functional in these: muscle-ups, double-unders, ring dips, handstand push-ups, pistols, rope climbs, and L-sits to mention a few.

As the sessions are posted do not become mentally defeated by what seems insurmountable, but rather look forward with excitement to what you are setting out to achieve. Remember we're are not working out, we are training, and in training we make the mistakes, we put in the time, we suck it up, so that when we need to call on it - we can perform confidently. So when you come across a movement you are unable to currently execute follow the substitutions, these are designed to build up the strength to complete the movement. Then after the day's training is complete take a little extra time for yourself and practice the technical aspect of the movement. I personally can attest that I could not do a single double-under, a single muscle-up, or pistol without practice. If you put in the time, you will reap the benefits!

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