30 May 2010

Strength Endurance

Monday's Training Session:

Max rounds in 20 mins
5x HSPU's
10x Pistols
15x Pull-ups

Notes: Handstand push-ups can be substituted with a half-body weight push-press or dive bomber push-ups. Substitute pistols
with jump squats if necessary. At the end of the session practice either the pistol or handstand push-up technique. Happy Memorial Day!


  1. Just finished, I used 3D rock rings for the pull-ups which seem to make them immensely more difficult. The pistols made me nauseous and I was definitely humbled by this session.

    As RX'ed 10 rounds and 7 pull-ups

    Courtney scaled the session to 3x dive bomber push-ups, 6x jump squats, and 9x BW rows on the rings finishing with 16 complete rounds.

  2. 6 rounds scaled (i can not find my timing device)
    3 HSPU (laurie helped steady my legs)
    6 pistols (webbing straps were used to aid standing back up)
    9 pull ups (kipped as necessary)

    I also ran at least 5k trying to find a park to complete this at.