02 May 2010


Monday's Training Session:

50x Wall balls
10x Muscle-ups
40x Wall balls
8x Muscle-ups
30x Wall balls
6x Muscle-ups
20x Wall balls
4x Muscle-ups
10x Wall balls
2x Muscle-ups

Notes: Prescribed weight for medicine ball is 20 lbs for the wall balls - scale as necessary. Substitute a thruster with a 45 lbs. olympic bar if you lack the resources to complete the wall balls. Substition for the muscle-up is 3x pull-ups and 3x dips for every 1 rep.


  1. As RX'ed I finished in 11:45

    Kevin finished in 16:58, subbing 2x assisted pull-ups and 2x assisted dips per muscle-up.

  2. 20:15, 2x Assisted pullups and or body rows and dips.