23 May 2010


Monday's Training Session:

5 Rounds:
5x Muscle-ups
7x Bear complex 105-145/65 lbs.

Notes: The substitute for a muscle-up is 3x pull-ups then 3x dips, that means you will do 3x pull-ups and 3x dips for the first muscle-up, then 3x pull-ups and 3x dips for the next muscle-up. Do not do all the pull-ups first then all the dips after. The bear complex is a deadlift, a hang clean, a front squat, a push press, a back squat and one more push press for one rep. Repeat this for seven reps. This session is not for time. Each round should be completed as fast as possible with rest in between. Increase weight each round starting at 105 lbs. then 115, 125, 135, and end with 145lbs.


  1. The complex was awesome, there will be more of that in the future. Definitely made me suck wind.

  2. Had a soccer game Monday so i did this one for Tuesday. Hands were raw after this. Due to this session, i finally have almost mastered a kipping pull-up. Couldn't figure them out before.

  3. Yeah, good work on the pull-ups Chris, take care of those hands!