03 May 2010

Work Capacity

Tuesday's Training Session:

"Tabata Suicide"

Perform alternating tabata jingle jangles and burpees. Start the clock and perform as many reps as possible for 20 seconds of jingle jangles. Rest 10 seconds. Then perform as many burpees as possible in 20 seconds. Rest 10 seconds. Repeat this 14 more times for a total of 16 sets. Your score is counted by the total number of reps in 16 sets; 8 alternating sets of jingle jangles and burpees. The entire workout should take 8 minutes.

Notes: Jingle jangles are short intense sprints. Set up two cones or markers 5 yards apart and sprint back and forth between them for 1 rep.


  1. ok...I'm doing this one.Might need a bucket though:)

  2. Nice :-) do it outside and just puke in the grass!

  3. Totals as RXed:
    46 Jingle Jangles
    42 Burpees

    Did this outside the apartment building. Dry heaved a few times after I was finished. I haven't had this feeling in my chest since I was running drills in HS for soccer.

  4. Howzit!!

    After I got done smoking Gonzo in the SWE this morning I did the workout from last tuesday...my numbers are posted there.

  5. Burnsy please, you might have though I studied the wrong material, no 60 float stuff or gunner's belt...