04 May 2010

Work Capacity

Wednesday's Training Session:

Max rounds in 20 minutes:
3x Snatch left hand 85/35 lbs. barbell
3x Snatch right hand 85/35 lbs. barbell
9x Clapping push-up
12x Lateral box jump

Notes: If you cannot snatch the barbell because of balance use a dumbbell. The lateral box jumps are performed by jumping side wards over a 24 inch box back and forth. A jump in either direction constitutes one repetition.


  1. I got 9 rounds with 25 lb dumbbells, regular push ups, and regular box jumps.

  2. Good work Jayme!

    I finished with 15 rounds and 6x snatches.

    Ben finished with 15 rounds, but subbed 5 rounds of snatches with clean jerks.

  3. 7 rounds & 6 snatches
    Snatches @ 75# (used the barbell as instructed)
    Clapping pushups became regular pushups after round 3.

    Was mildly happy with my performance until I saw what everyone else did today. Work capacity is always the absolute toughest for me.

  4. Chris hell yeah with the barbell snatches way to knock em out! Nothing but forward progress for you bro - keep it up!