19 May 2010

Work Capacity

Wednesday's Training Session:

5 Rounds
20x Wallballs
20x Box jumps 36" box
20x Overhead lunges 45/25 lbs. plate

Notes: Standard substitute for wallballs is a thruster using a 45 lbs. olympic bar. Lunges are walking lunges. Session is for time, so get some!


  1. Good leg session today, definitely felt it during my downhill mountain bike race tonight, finished as RX'ed in 14:40.

    Kevin finished in 14:43, subbing a 25 lbs. plate and 24" box.

  2. 17:05, killer on the legs. Did thrusters instead of wallballs.

  3. Matt did this one today and finished in 18:03 as RX'ed!